Love Our Trails is an international movement that aims to protect trails around the world through education and activations. It was founded by Blake Dyason after noticing the increase of litter and graffiti on the local trails. He invited friends to help him clean trails and quickly realised that cleaning up after others isn’t enough – we also need to educate fellow trail users.

Trails give us so much; it’s our duty to give something back so that future generations can experience the magic of nature.

Our goal is to encourage all trail user to follow the basic steps of caring for our environment while working with land owners and event organisers to ensure our trails are well maintained, safe and sustainable.


Leave nothing but footprints

If it wasn’t there before we explored, it’s not meant to be there. It’s up to us to leave with everything we came with. This includes food, fruit peels, tissues, cigarette butts, wrappers and bottles.

Take nothing but pictures

Part of nature’s enduring appeal is its beauty. Let’s leave that pretty flower, fallen pine cone or fascinating rock where it is for others to appreciate.

Stay on the trail

It’s fun to explore and adventure off the beaten track, but we need to respect our trails and the environment in general. By walking off the trail we encourage others to do the same, leading to erosion and damaging flora.

Mother our trails

Pick up litter after others, educate fellow trail users and love our trails and fellow trail users like you would love your own family and home.

Trail Watch

Look out for other trail users, help one another and report problems. This includes litter, graffiti, erosion, vagrants, unofficial trails and crime.

Blake Dyason, the founder of Love Our Trails, is an outdoor enthusiast and proudly South African. He leads by example, believing we all have a responsibility to make a positive difference in the world around us.

In 2014 Blake dedicated his health, vitality and mobility to inspiring others and driving positive human behaviour change.

Blake has raised millions for charities around the country and is involved in a number of projects and organisations to make the world we live in a better place. Read more about Blake here

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