Trails, mountain ranges and view points are under pressure, it’s no secret that outdoor activities are amoungst the fastest grow sports in the world.

Our goal is to encourage more people to get outdoors and connect with nature, the benefits are endless but this comes with its challenges.

As outdoor activities grow, so does our impact, errosion, litter, graffiti and in some cases crime. These are the obvious things but recent research is showing a whole lot more.
For example, with an influx of visitors walking on the same trail every day, we leave an odour for a lack of a better term, that makes an imaginary wall preventing bee’s from pollinating plants across the trail.

Many of our plants rely on birds, insects and rodents to help with pollination, but as trail users dispose of fruit peels and left over food / trail snacks on our trails, these animals eat our left over food instead of playing their roll in the ecosystem.

And the list goes on:

Is it time for us to put limits to number of visitors or close trails down for rehabiitation?

On 1 June 2018 Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Leh Island closed its beach for rehabilitation.
Maya Bay became famous after the movie The Beach was filmed on it, attracking up to 5000 visitors a day and over 200 boats a day.

They estimate that 805 of the Coral reef is damaged due to pollution, boats and sun block, yes sun block. (time to start using eco friendly products. Check out Fathful2Nature for some great options)

This has obviously had a massive effect on tourism and local business, but the truth is, once the coral reef is completely destroyed, then local businesses will really experience the effect of not putting the environment first.

In August 2018 just 3 months after Maya Bay was closed, videos circulated the internet with schools of black tip reef sharks swimming on the shoreline of Maya Bay, this is special and a great example of the value of giving nature time to rehabilitate.
We often only realise the true value of something once its gone. Luckily we will have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Maya Bay and its coral reef once again, thanks to the Thailand orthorities for closing the bay down.

The “Instagram” effect (This is when people see a view on Instagram and want to get the same picture) often opens up new tourist and business opportunities and we are quick to jump on to this for financial benefits but we often forget to invest in the core resource of the business, the environment. It’s time we build businesses with a focus on preserving and protecting nature.