About Blake...


Blake Dyason joined the CN&CO lifestyle business in October 2016 to add value to businesses and individuals. He does this via his large network, coupled with a passion for linking the brands and people through PR and marketing.

Working in a lifestyle business gives Blake the freedom to grow his network, focus on some of his personal projects and make the world around us a better place.

Malachi Place of Safety

Believing that everyone deserves a fair chance at life, Blake has personally adopted Malachi Place of Safety, a small orphanage in Cape Town, where he acts as a mentor and support structure, raising the necessary funds for the family to give these kids a safe and loving family environment.

Litter-Free South Africa

Litter is a worldwide problem and Blake truly believes we can make South Africa a litter-free country.

With Love Our Trails focusing on the trail community, Blake has focussed on the road running community, one of the most inclusive sports connecting millions of South Africans. If we can get the South African running community to understand the impact of litter, we can make a significant difference in our country.

The road running community distributes tens of millions of water sachets a year in races, and runners feel entitled to throw plastic sachets on the ground, believing that someone should clean up after them. But these plastic sachets often end up in our oceans, rivers, nature reserves or landfills. Blake has been known to run marathons carrying bags to pick up plastic water sachets, leading by example and getting runners and event organisers talking.

There are many alternative hydration solutions. Blake is driving activations and awareness while working with event organisers to explore solutions and change behaviour.

Blake has now taken his war on litter to the next level by hosting organised clean-ups in a few South African cities.

Brownie Points

Brownie Points is an online platform connecting people and NPOs, making it easy for corporates to manage and empower staff to give back. Brownie Points captures and records volunteer behaviour and rewards them with points that can be redeemed or donated.

Sports and Adventure
Blake has a passion for sport, especially outdoor activities, pushing his mind and body to raise awareness or funds for those in need. Over the years he has participated in many sports events for charity, including cycling across Malawi, running several 100+ km events, participating in the Unogwaja Challenge (a 1 700-km cycle from Cape Town to Durban/Pietermaritzburg over 10 days, and running the Comrades on the 11th day).

He spends most of his free time in mountains of the Western Cape.

Motivational speaker

Blake was born in Cape Town. His family travelled and moved a lot, which meant he changed schools nine times. Born with low muscle tone and severe dyslexia, Blake didn’t play much sport at school. He was often bullied and was left with serious self-confidence issues.

He didn’t have the privilege of going to varsity, but through hard work and commitment, he found himself rowing competitively in his early 20s. He then discovered a love for running and attempted his first 160 km trail run – without stopping – to help a lady fighting cancer. Blake didn’t finish the run but Lettie, the lady he ran for, taught him that his greatest gift in life is his health, vitality and mobility. This was the start of Blake’s journey to make a real difference in the world around him.

He will inspire you with hope, passion and enthusiasm. His talks are perfect for schools, for kids facing bullying, challenges and big decisions. His message is also appealing to corporates wanting to inspire staff, focussing on team work, legacies and self-belief.