We are an international movement that aims to get more people to connect with nature while creating a trail culture that values, protects and cares for our environment.

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Author: blake

Love our trails is excited to share the Reddam House College sustainability project with you. This is our second school sustainability project and we are sure it's not our last.    In 2019 we piloted a school sustainability project with the French School of Cape Town. This project included a number of elements.  School Talks. Each team we focused on a new topic. What is waste, Where does waste go? Single use plastic, Bio products, recycling, Reuse or repurpose, Circular thinking, Composting and vegetable

One of the world's greatest natural flower shows takes place in South Africa every year from mid July to the end of September. The flowers can be seen along the Cape West Coast, Cederberg and Namaqualand.  Some suggestions to ensure the best flower viewing experience.  Timing is everything. The flowers start blooming earlier in the year the further north you go. For example Namaqualand will flower in July while West Coast National Park might only flower closer to September.  Try pick

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