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Exploring the Rim of Africa: A Hiker’s Dream Adventure

Exploring the Rim of Africa: A Hiker’s Dream Adventure

Have you ever yearned for an extraordinary hiking experience that takes you through breathtaking landscapes and immerses you in nature’s wonders? Look no further than the Rim of Africa, a challenging and awe-inspiring traverse of the Cape Fold Mountains in South Africa. In this blog, we will delve into the beauty of this incredible journey and introduce you to Jason Perthel, an inspiring hiker who conquered the entire trail in one go.

Discovering the Rim of Africa:
The Rim of Africa is a renowned hiking route that spans the length of the Cape Fold Mountains, offering adventurers a chance to explore the diverse terrain of South Africa’s Western Cape. Divided into nine traverses, each lasting between seven and ten days, this epic journey provides hikers with an unparalleled experience of nature, solitude, and personal growth.

As you embark on the Rim of Africa traverse, you will find yourself surrounded by pristine wilderness, starting from the northern Cederberg and crossing over central Cederberg, Louebokkeveld, Skurweberge, Hex River, Langeberg, Marloth, Grootvadersbosch, Gouritz and Outeniqua. The trail unveils a tapestry of rugged mountains, verdant valleys, crystal-clear streams, and enchanting flora and fauna. Every step offers a chance to connect with the natural world and appreciate the untouched beauty of the region.

Jason Perthel’s Extraordinary Journey:
One hiker who epitomizes the spirit of the Rim of Africa is Jason Perthel. Not only did he complete the entire through hike, but he also managed to accomplish something remarkable along the way. Jason founded a highly successful adventure food brand called Forever Fresh during his arduous journey. Listen to Jason’s story on the Keeping it WILD podcast.

Join the Adventure:
If hiking the Rim of Africa has captured your imagination, now is the time to take action. The 2023 Traverse will take place between September 24th and November 23rd, offering a limited number of spots for passionate hikers to embark on this unforgettable journey. To secure your place and learn more about the Rim of Africa, visit the official website at www.rimofafrica.co.za.

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