We are an international movement that aims to get more people to connect with nature while creating a trail culture that values, protects and cares for our environment.

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Guided Hikes


Private Trail Guide

Are you ready for an adventure? We offer tailored hikes for individuals or small groups of any fitness and experience level. Our guides are experienced, passionate and ready to go the extra mile. After all, we are here to connect with nature and make memories. Let us know what your adventurious spirit is calling for.

Email: blake@loveourtrails.com

School Groups

There is nothing quite like taking students into nature – it is an impactful and lifechanging experience for young individuals. They carry their own water and food, they learn about themselves, nature, leadership, teamwork, sacrifice and overcoming challenges, all while making incredible memories and lifelong friends.

Let us tailor a special trail experience for your school.

Email: blake@loveourtrails.com

Team Building

Do you seek a new and authentic way to build your team’s spirit, to encourage closer relations, to improve communication and grow leadership within your team? Allow us to tailor a memorable , unique and life changing expedition, for your team, in nature.

Email: blake@loveourtrails.com

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