We are an international movement that aims to get more people to connect with nature while creating a trail culture that values, protects and cares for our environment.

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  • Race Review: Otter Trail Run
    In this episode Blake speaks to Craig Turton from Easy Equities, about The Otter and their decision to become the headline sponsor for the race. As with every review, there's some cool prizes to be won, so tune in.
  • Tragedy in Rocklands with Jethro Watson
    For Jethro it was just an ordinary day bouldering in Rocklands, until disaster struck! In this episode we hear from Jason what happened on that fateful day and how he is adapting to his new life back in Rocklands.
  • Event Review: AfricanX
    Listen to the review of The AfricanX Trail Series and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!
  • Rim of Africa with Jason Perthel
    Jason takes us through his experience on The Rim of Africa, the longest hike in South Africa, 750km through the entire length of the Cape Fold Mountains.
  • Man Overboard! (Part 2) with Brett Archibald
    We continue Brett Archibald's incredible story swimming for survival in the middle of the ocean in this the second and final episode of his story. If you haven't listened to part 1, make sure you do so before listening to this one.An epic tale of survival! Brett Archibald was on a surf trip in Indonesia […]
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