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Spring has sprung with the Cape Wild Flowers

Spring has sprung with the Cape Wild Flowers

One of the world’s greatest natural flower shows takes place in South Africa every year from mid July to the end of September. The flowers can be seen along the Cape West Coast, Cederberg and Namaqualand. 

Some suggestions to ensure the best flower viewing experience. 

  • Timing is everything. The flowers start blooming earlier in the year the further north you go. For example Namaqualand will flower in July while West Coast National Park might only flower closer to September. 
  • Try pick a clear and sunny day to ensure the flowers are visible. 
  • Wait for the sun to come up before viewing, early isn’t always better when it comes to flowers.

Where to view the flowers:

Postberg in the West Coast National Park, It feels like someone dropped a bow of glitter as the open fields with a display of brightly coloured flowers scattered across the park.  Don’t forget to visit KraalBaai and walk down the beach to Preekstoel while you are in the park. Keep your eyes open for tortoises crossing the road, ostriches and a large number of beautiful, rare and endemic birds.

Blaauwberg Nature Reserve is a great option for those wanting to see the flowers closer to Cape Town. 

Please remember to avoid walking on or through the flowers or picking them.


Click HERE to see this sighting of a rare Black Harrier flying along side a vehicle in the West Coast National Park.

Black Harriers (Circus maurus) are southern Africa’s rarest endemic raptor and have been uplisted from Vulnerable to Endangered in South Africa and Namibia in 2015. Learn more:





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